Role: Creative Director & Copywriter
Agency: Tribal Worldwide İstanbul

Role: Creative Group Head & Copywriter
Agency: DDB İstanbul

Doritos Academy was Turkey's first and biggest integrated campaign, that centred social media amongst traditional channels. We created a fiction collage on internet (between 2011-2013) and we shot over 30 commercials and viral films. We made Facebook and mobile apps, we did a real-time response campaigns (over 40 films in 2 days), we created a full of fun school bus, we published a special dictionary etc etc... It was an extraordinary school for Turkey. For example, Doritos Academy's dean was Turkey's famous drag queen Grumpy Virgin and one of her student was Megan Fox! 

• Effie Awards: 2 Gold Effies
• Crystal Apple Awards: 4 Crystal Apples, 4 Silver Apples, 2 Bronze Apples
• Mixx Awards Europe: Best Brand/Product Launch, Direct Response Category Shortlist
• IAB Mixx Awards New York: Direct Response and Lead Generation Category Shortlist
• Mixx Awards Turkey: Grand Prix, Gold Mixx, 3 Silver Mixx
• Digital Age Creativity Awards: Grand Prix, 3 First Place
• Felis Awards: Grand Prix, 3 First Place, 3 Merits
• Mediacat Out Of Home Awards: Best City Light Poster, Merit